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A Bronx native and visionary with an ultra distinctive eye, Evan Rogers is one of the most viewed documentarians in the history of the internet. His wide range of work, showcases the inner workings of some of the industries most talented musical artists and cultural icons. Armed with an archive worth envy, Evan has only begun to show the world what he is capable of as Photographer and Director.

For bookings, email jeremy@nevergoingonsale.com

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An artist of multi-dimension, Shawn Outen cannot be confined. A model, poet, painter, designer and Father, Outen has developed an audience through his power to communicate ideas through art and authenticity. He continues to push the boundaries, as our agency seeks to enhance his marketability beyond what other ventures have previously limited. A hybrid existing between both of our divisions, Shawn’s model portfolio is available upon request.

For bookings, email lita@jeremydante.com



With an air of mystique, you may have seen Mycol Armani across media platforms, in all corners of the digital ‘scape. With an established following and knack for engaging through visuals, Armani’s voice has not yet begun to be truly heard. Mycol is seated among artists of division two with unmatched talent that the world will soon be able to see through our agencies vision to bring him to the next level. Mycol is a musical artist, dancer and model.

For inquiries, email lita@jeremydante.com

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Virginia native, Christopher Tomás, is a well developed photographer who often engages in opportunities that have afforded him a known presence amidst the creative scene of New York City, as well as the digital community on the internet. The breadth of his representation exceeds his talent as a photographer, and will also encompass today’s modern spec of interesting characters, in the realm of model casting. Tomás’ model portfolio is available upon request.

For inquiries, email lita@jeremydante.com

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With a unique eye for beauty and composition, De’Arius Franklin joins our agency with an elevation grounded in Fine Arts. Franklin's accolades include Directors Choice for 2015's AIVA Juried Art Show, 2017's International Photographer of the Year as Honorable Mention and 2nd place prize at the Suffolk Art Gallery in 2019. Franklin has already worked closely with Division I and will now be represented for client curation and portfolio development in the fashion space.

For inquiries, email lita@jeremydante.com