Bay Area native, Jeremy Danté became an underground digital fashion figure in an era when bloggers had minimized the art of journalism. Through content, he has documented the culture of fashion for over a decade at his digital namesake, jeremydante.com (2008). A year following establishment, Danté began creative consulting for Ryan Leslie, which resulted in celebrity co-signs from Kanye West and press from MTV, among others. Relocating to New York City (2014) resulted in a meeting set up by model, Sessilee Lopez. That meeting ultimately spawned a short lived career as a Model Agent, working in Image and Development. The result of occupying this role was a greater sense and understanding of industry politics, of ethnic inclusivity and the disparity of creativity among agents. He independently founded LITA Mother Agency (2016) along with model, Dehonney; with a mission to re-establish the artistic approach of model development. True to his original goal, Jeremy oversees all creative elements of the agency and the development of its models.