Founded in New York City the winter of 2016, birthed through a philosophy of four pillars, LITA is a Mother Agency empowered through process and development. Each of the four values that make up our agency name- L for love, I for inspiration, T for through and transcendence and A for adversity, spell out the abbreviated name of founder, Jeremy Danté’s maternal Grandmother, Estelita Bulatao. Inspired by her life, teachings and lessons of poise and presentation, we have adapted our model development after this approach. As a Mother Agency, we intend to represent our models and artists, while using qualities of real Mothers in our lives. Of nurture, to encourage, to inspire through discipline. We officially launched February 14th, 2017, with our first signee, Dehonney, who has been an integral part of model scouting, development and has impacted our ability to secure foreign market placements. In 2019, we have expanded to two divisions, representing artists with plans for further expansion upon entering 2020. We strive to prioritize love above all, and to power this through inspiration and innovation, for the greater good of diversity, inclusion, global culture and society.

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